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Will Working Together Be Right For You?

Whether you are new to coaching, or a seasoned coachee, if you answer yes to any of the questions below, a coaching relationship with Mallory is exactly what you need.

Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader not getting the impact you want?

Do you go home and get angry with your family or loved ones?

Is your patience worn out?

Are you in middle management and want to move up but are getting stopped by negative reviews?

Are you an Executive wanting to improve employee retention and stop the hemorrhage of resignations?

Are you an Executive reeling from your engagement scores?

Do your employees say they feel replaceable?

Has your team lost trust and engagement?

If you are a leader who is ready to change the culture of your organization to one of well-being in order to retain the best talent and have a thriving company, coaching with me is for you.

Mallory Salentine, MD
Mallory Salentine, MD

Team Member Coaching

Are you feeling burnt out, exhausted, unmotivated, and disengaged?  

Are you having trouble communicating your needs to your leaders?

Are you having trouble acknowledging what will make you happy?

Do you wonder how toxic workplaces seem to follow you wherever you go?

Are you feeling like your boss doesn’t understand you?

Are you bringing home your frustration, anger, and impatience after work?

We spend more than half of our waking hours at work, and there is no reason we should be so unhappy there.  Many of us move from job to job every few years to try to find a better fit, but why can’t where WE ARE be a good fit for us?


If you are ready to transform your life to be happy at work and WANT the possibility to stay and grow at the same organization, coaching with me is for you.

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