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Meet Mallory Salentine, MD

Physician and Coach

I am a Physician, Well-Being Leader, and an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.  
I specialize in personal, professional, and organizational well-being.  I lead the well-being initiatives for a top freestanding Children's Hospital and through this work realized how important coaching is to the prevention of burnout.
The language we use and relationships we make at work with ourselves and with others can make or break an organization.  
As a physician I learned quickly about how to put my whole self into my work at the detriment of my well-being.  I started to look around me and see that I was not alone.  Many physicians and leaders across industries were taught and embodying this same value of work and others over self.  Breaking out of that mold I have found significant joy both in AND outside of work.  

As a Primary Care Physician, I know the importance of prevention.  If we can prevent disease instead of having to treat disease, our health, and our relationships would  improve dramatically.
As a coach, I will hold space for conversations where we can think critically about a problem, situation, values, and OURSELVES.  This is a transformative process where you are listened to deeply to create solutions that work best for you.  We will work on burn-out prevention, improving relationships, and creating thriving organizations. We can walk together on this journey to well-being for yourself and your organization.

 I graduated coach training at the International Coaching Federation Accredited George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Well-Being Professional Certificate Program for Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being.  I adhere to the ethics and standards of coaching of the International Coaching Federation.

I graduated leadership training from the Children's Wisconsin Leadership Academy through CTI Physician Leadership Institute.
I look forward to working with you as a leader and as a team member to create a healthier relationship with your work, building strong and trusting teams, and creating more time for you and the ones you love.

Mallory Salentine, MD
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