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Mallory Salentine, MD

Your Well-Being
and the 
Well-Being of Your Organization is within Reach

 Coaching with Mallory Salentine, MD

Hi I'm Mallory Salentine, MD

I am a Physician, Well-Being Leader, and an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.  


I am dedicated to personal, professional, and organizational well-being.  


The language we use and relationships we make at work with ourselves and with others can make or break an organization.  

I can help you create a healthier relationship with your work, create more time for yourselves and your loved ones, build stronger more trusting teams, increase productivity, and prevent burnout and attrition in your organization.  

Mallory Salentine, MD

What I Specialize In

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Professional Development 


Physician Coaching



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