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Mallory Salentine, MD

Your Well-Being
and the 
Well-Being of Your Organization is within Reach

 Coaching with Mallory Salentine, MD

Hi I'm Mallory Salentine, MD

I am a physician, well-being expert, and a coach.  


I am dedicated to personal, professional, and organizational well-being.  


The language we use and relationships we make at work with ourselves and with others can make or break an organization.  

If you are a leader, I can help retain and recruit employees, increase productivity, prevent burnout in your organization, and improve your well-being so your organization can thrive.

If you are a team member, I can help you with your relationships with yourself and others at work, your communication with your team, and your resiliency to create well-being at work and prevent burnout.

Mallory Salentine, MD

What I Specialize In

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Professional Development 


Physician Coaching



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